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I reached up and pulled the skirt off."This is how I wish you to dress when we are alone.""Thank you Master. I wasn't sure, so I put on my sari."I reached up took a hold of his cock, rolled back the fore skin and ran my finger over his piss slit. I then handled his big balls. They barely fit in the palm of my hand. He just stood and slowly got hard. He had lots of hair. I preferred my lovers to be shaved."Onou, I want you to shave all your hair off you cock and balls and arm pits.""Yes Master. You wish me to go now?""No it can wait. Come over here closer."As he stepped closer I leaned forward and slipped the head of his cock into my mouth. God it was so smooth, like silk. I couldn't help myself I just pulled all the way in and down my throat, swallowing all 9 inches. Onou moaned deep in his throat. I was just getting to really sucking that magnificent cock when a light tap came at the door. I pulled off him."Damn. See who the fuck that is."Onou walked to the door and opened it and stood slightly behind it. The boy who had brought our bags up was standing there with several towels."Fresh towels for you Sir."He walked straight into the bedroom. I don't think he even saw Onou, standing nude by the door. Onou closed the door and stood still. The boy came out of the bedroom and stopped dead in his tracks. His eyes were on Onou's semi hard cock."How old are you boy?""Nineteen Sir." He said to me, but never took his eyes off Onou."You like that son, I mean Onou's cock.""I guess Sir, but I have never seen one so big.""Come over here boy."He turned and looked at me and then walked over. I could see his cock pushing out at the tight uniform pants he had on."In future when you come to my suite you will undress at the door. You can undress now.""But, but, but Sir.""Onou, I think he needs help."Onou came over and started to undress him. Devine just stood and let it happen. When he was nude I saw he had about an eight-inch cock. He also had lots of hair too."Onou I think he needs a blow job.""Thank you Master." He kneeled in front of Devine and took the kids cock straight in and down his throat.Devine started to face fuck Onou. Preteen Top Driving his cock in and out in quick thrusts. He finally just held it in as he blew his load of African cumm into Onou."Thank you Devine, you taste real nice." Onou told him."Devine if you shave your cock and balls and armpits I will be happy to suck you off too."Devine slowly dressed. I handed him a ten-dollar bill. His eyes got real big."Can I come back later Sir? I will off at nine.""Will you be shaved then?""No Sir.""Master, I will shave him when he comes back.""Is that alright with you Devine?""Yes Sir!" his eyes brightened."You know Devine I might want you to do other things too.""Sir as long as there are more of these you can do anything you want." He said holding up the bill."Good see you at nine."Onou showed Devine out and came back over to me. He was still hard and dripping lots of precumm. I just sucked his cock back into my mouth. He didn't force me, just let me take him as I wanted. After a very few minutes."Master I'm going to come." He started to pull out.I held his thighs and pulled him deeper. As he came, there was so much I couldn't swallow fast enough and some escaped and ran down my chin onto my chest. As he finished he slowly pulled out. I Licked and cleaned off his cock and jacked him once and licked off the thick bead of cum that oozed out."Oh Master. No one has every done that to me before.""You taste really good Onou."He sat down licked all the cumm from my face and chest and continued to lick down onto my cock and balls. He slowly slid my cock into his mouth and then just enjoyed. I held his head lightly as he sucked my cock. My body responded to his slow sucking and shortly I blew a big load into his mouth. He swallowed and swallowed, not missing a single drop. When he lifted off me he had a mile wide grin."You taste wonderful Master."I pulled his face up to mine and kissed him, running my tongue inside mixing our two tastes together. I was starting to get aroused again, but knew I needed to eat. I broke the lip lock and sat back."That was very nice Onou. Now what would you like for dinner?""I would be very happy just to have more of this Master." He gripped my hardening cock."That's great, but without some real food, I might not perform as well."I picked up the phone and ordered two of the house specials and a bottle of red wine."Thirty minutes Sir." They told me."You have thirty minutes Onou. That will give you enough time to shave.""Yes Master." He got up and headed for the bathroom.I went and slipped on a pair of cargo shorts and a t-shirt. Poured myself a drink and sat down to wait. Onou came out about 20 minutes later and stood close so I could inspect him. He had done a real nice job. His cock and balls were now smooth and clear of all hair as well as his pits."Master I couldn't see to get what's behind.""That's okay Onou. After you shave Devine tonight, you can him shave you there.""Okay Master." He sat down by my feet.Although I really disliked the whole Master/slave concept, Onou seemed to automatically slide into the role of slave. A light tap cam from the door and Onou got up and answered it. Devine wheeled in cart and stopped by the door. He had changed. He was now wearing a traditional African skirt and loose fitting top. He pulled the top off and undid the skirt and let it drop. He wheeled the cart over to the low table by us and proceeded to set out our dinner. I couldn't help but run my hand down over his tight ass as he bent over to place the food on the table. It flexed and clinched at my touch. I sure hoped he liked getting fucked. Well it didn't really matter I guess, I planned on fucking him regardless.After he left we sat and enjoyed a wonderful meal. I put in a late wake up call for 8:30 PM and told Onou I was going to sleep for a couple of hours.It felt like my head had barely hit the pillow when Onou tapped me and told me it was 8:30. I sat on the balcony watching the sun set while sipping a short drink. I didn't hear Devine arrive. About 9:20 both Onou and Devine came onto the balcony. Devine was now completely shaved. I told both to turn around and I ran my fingers up their ass cracks. As I touched Onou's he pushed back on my finger, but as I touched Devine's he pulled away."Stand still Devine and bend over."He slowly bent over and I spread his ass cheeks and I moved in with my tongue. I tasted both a faint taste of soap and that very erotic African musk of his sweat. As my tongue ran over his pucker, he moaned but again flinched away. I backed off."Are you a Virgin Devine?""Yes Sir.""Come inside." I stood and walked into our suite.I stood and looked at Devine. He had very frightened look on his face. I knew how to get him. I walked to my bar and picked up my wallet. Pulled a hundred dollar bill out and walked over to him. His eyes got as big as saucers when he saw the bill.He then lowered his head."I guess for that amount Sir, you can do anything you want.""Good. Don't worry Devine. I'll be gentle." I lied.I led both boys into the bedroom. I told Onou to sit at the head of the bed. I told Devine to kneel and suck Onou's cock. This would prevent him from screaming to loud when I entered him. I dropped my cargo shorts and knelt behind him. I ran my tongue back into his ass and rimmed him. I then forced two fingers into his ass. He groaned very loud and tried to pull away. Onou held him in place. After working both fingers in him for a while I pulled them out and placed the head of my cock at his tight pucker. I grabbed his hips and just pushed. My head slowly slipped past his first ring. He moans were very loud and his whole body was wreathing. I continued the pressure. As My cock slipped past the second ring I stopped. I slapped both ass cheeks very hard. As his ass flexed I shoved another two inches into him. This time he really tried so get me off him, fighting to get the massive tool out of his ass. I pulled back a little and then just drove my cock all the way in. I only waited a second or two before I started to pound his ass. After about ten strokes Devine's moans of pain changed. He started to push back on my cock as I pushed in. I reached around Preteen Top and grabbed his now hard cock. As soon as I grabbed it he shot his load. That put me over the top and I unloaded my sperm into his bowels.I looked up to Onou's sperm gushing out around his cock as he shot into Devine's mouth. Devine lifted off Onou and licked up what he had missed. I pulled out and told Devine to suck my cock clean and for Onou to rim Devine clean. Neither hesitated."Well Devine, how was it the first time?""It really hurt at first Sir, but afterward it felt good. Will you do it again?""Do you want me too.""Yes Sir.""Okay maybe later. Now you two go wash up."As I watched both boys head for the washroom, I figured I was going to let Devine fuck me and then Onou. After that Onou would screw Devine while Devine sucked me off. Then I figured I would fuck Devine again and then if I had enough energy fuck Onou. Going to be a long night. I went and grabbed three sodas from the fridge and came back both boys were sitting on the bed. Both were smiling. Both were hard. I laid down on the bed on my back."Okay Devine. Your turn, I want you inside me.""Really Sir?""Yeah really. As hard as you want son.""Yes Sir.""Onou, you can fuck Devine while he's fucking me. But I Preteen Top don't want either of you to blow. I want to suck you both off when your ready.""Yes Master." They both said.Fuck now I had both of them calling me Master. Devine was very good. He never hesitated, just lined up and shoved his cock in. Wow! What a feeling, I loved getting fucked as much as I liked fucking. It became even more intense when Onou entered Devine. Onou just lined up and shoved his massive cock into Devine. Devine had never had such a huge cock in him and although he threw his head back, he just gritted his teeth as Onou plowed his ass. They got into a rhythm very fast. As Onou drove in he forced Devine into me. I loved it. I was super hard.After almost half an hour I knew Devine was getting close. His cock started to expand inside me. He forcibly pushed Onou back to exit my ass and dropped onto my chest and shoved the head of his cock in my mouth. As soon as it was in he unloaded. His Cumming brought Onou to the point. He literally tossed Devine off of me so he could get his cock in my mouth. As soon as I had him he too unloaded a huge load. My own cock let go then. Drenching Onou's ass with my spunk. Wow! What a rush.Devine climbed back on the bed and licked up all my come. Then he knelt and rimmed my ass. Onou rimmed Devine. Wonderful. I had two great loads of African come in my stomach and I had dropped one in Devine.Now I was totally wasted. I pulled both boys down beside me."Hey guys, I need some rest. Can't keep up with Preteen Top you young bucks."They both snuggled next to me. And I drifted off to sleep.TBC
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